Appliance installation performed by a polite, punctual, and well presented electrician. Servicing the South Eastern and South Western suburbs of Melbourne.
Dr. Power repairs, replaces and installs new electric cooking equipment such as ovens, cooktops, built-in microwaves and rangehoods. We also supply all brands of cooking appliances and have great deals on Australian branded appliances with a full 2 year warranty at a great price.
All our work includes free disposal of your old appliance and a free Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Electric Ovens

Dr. Power installs all types of Electric ovens such as Convection and Conventional Ovens, Free Standing Ovens, Pyrolytic Ovens, and Built-In Microwave Ovens. We are familiar with the standards for installing all types of ovens including necessary clearances for self cleaning Pyrolytic Ovens.
We can cut cabinets to fit your new oven or install frames or mouldings to hide gaps if your oven is smaller than the original cut out, which is often the case when replacing larger old wall ovens. If you would like a larger wall oven and grill to be replaced with a small oven and an extra shelf or a built-in microwave we can help.
Electric Oven installation starts at $150 and includes minor cutting to fit your new oven, free removal of your old appliance and a certificate of electrical safety.

  • Electric Wall Oven Installation
  • Free Standing Oven Installation
  • Pyrolytic Oven Installation
  • Built-In Microwave Installation

Electric Cooktops

Dr. Power installs all types of electric cooktops including ceramic, coil element, and induction and are familiar with all specific regulations for these different types.
Ceramic and Induction Cooktops can create a modern feel to any kitchen due to their flat surface with inbuilt electronic controls. As they are only flat glass they are much easier to clean than a gas cooktop or coil element type. Induction Cooktops are becoming increasingly popular due to their sleek design, safety features, and are easy to clean. They only heat when they come in contact with your pots and pans and when they do come in contact heat very quickly. This is an important safety feature as well as their is no open flame and are not hot if you forget to turn it off after removing the pan.
Cooktop installation starts at $150 which includes cutting of bench top to fit new cooktop, free removal of the old cooktop from site and a certificate of electrical safety. Prices increase for running new circuits to supply power to your new cooktop or converting from gas to electric.

  • Ceramic Cooktops
  • Coil Element Cooktops
  • Induction Cooktops


Dr. Power installs all types of Rangehoods including Fixed type, Slide-out type, undermount type and Canopy Rangehoods.
We can help with all your rangehood requirements from supplying power to the unit to venting outside your house to fresh air.
If you would like to change the style of your rangehood from a fixed type to a slide out or require any modification to fit your new rangehood we can help.
Rangehood replacements start at $130 for installation of a Fixed type Rangehood, $150 for a Slide-out or Undermount type Rangehood, and $250 for a Canopy Rangehood. We supply free ducting into the ceiling wherever possible and free removal of the old appliance from site.

  • Fixed Rangehoods
  • Slide-out Rangehoods
  • Undermount Rangehoods
  • Canopy Rangehoods

Appliance Repairs

Dr. Power repairs all types of electric cooking appliances including ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, deep fryers, and commercial dishwashers.
Is your appliance worth fixing? Generally all commercial cooking equipment is worth fixing as the cost of the appliance far exceeds the repair cost. Older appliances may not have replacement parts, may have new problems shortly after being repaired, and decayed internal wiring. Low-end appliances can also be difficult to find parts for and the cost to repair sometimes exceeds the cost to replace. We only recommend repairing newer high-end residential cooking equipment.
Electric appliance repairs start at $120 to diagnose the fault, on rare occasions small faults not requiring parts may be fixed within this price. A quote is then given to repair the appliance which may start at $180.

  • Electric Ovens, Cooktops, and Rangehoods
  • Electric Deep Fryers
  • Commercial Dishwashers

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